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In Seque​nce Dance

Ballroom, Latin American and Modern Sequence Dance Classes

About I​n Sequence

Hello,  my name is Leigh, ​At the age of 5, like most little girls,​ i starte​d dancing tap and ballet, and cotinued studying these dance genres until the age of 13. At 15 I was introduced to the world of Ballroom and Latin American attending the Roy Warren school of dance where I began taking my amateur medal exams.  After a while, work commitments forced me to stop dancing, but I never lost my love of dance. . Around 14 years ago I was lucky enough to find a local dance school and returned with my partner to the ballroom dance floor once again..  Unlike my former instructor, this tutor focused on the social side of Ballroom dancing and as well as recapturing the dances I loved, I also learned soical dance ettiquette & floorcraft and how to choreograph groups of steps together. It was here, under the tuition of Jenny Tulley that I obtained my first taste of Modern Sequence dancing, and immediately fell in love with it.

My partner and I started attending social dances and togehter we accumulated a generous catalogue of sequence dances. 

In 2010 I moved school, studying under the tutorship of Karen Gardiner, and at this point resumed my amateur medals both as lead and follower. To date I hold Gold Bar 3 as leader (man) and Gold Star 3 as follower (lady).  In 2016, under the guidance of Karen, I began teaching Modern Sequence classes.

In 2019, following redundency from my insurance underwriting career, I decided to progress as a  dance teacher and specialise in Modern Sequence. 

I am currently studying for my professional qualifications although the current pandemic has delayed tihis. I plan to resume my studies and complete my examinations as soon as this is possible.

Now, with the support of my partner Colin, and the assistance of best friend Lesley, I teach at various locations within South Essex, as well as running a social dance club and regular tea dances.

So, whether you are new to dance or have not yet had the oportunity to learn these popular sequence dances, In Sequence has a class for you.

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